"Kate has helped our 15 year old son to face up to his anxieties, depression and OCD, to sleep and start to express his feelings. This is huge - he has recently joined the autism pathway and has found life and communication very difficult. He comes out of her sessions with a spring in his step and a little more inner confidence each time. Kate really does relate to him well and gets him to talk. She adapts and personalizes each session to what is needed rather than her own agenda. I recommend Kate, she's a great support to our family." - Claire


"Kate has allowed me to truly believe that I was not to blame for my assault and helped me piece back together my self esteem. I felt safe and believed." - Katie A, 25


"She is super easy to talk to and I have always felt comfortable sharing anything" - Tom, 17


"Kate helped me navigate through a destructive relationship and to re-set what I wanted from a friendship and partner. " - Kim, 37


“my daughter needed a safe space to think through her issues with someone who could provide a listening ear, good advice and reassurance. Kate created that safe space, and helped my daughter find the confidence to challenge negative perceptions and try new coping strategies” - Holly 


'CPTSD has been in my life since early adulthood. Kate sat alongside me and let me talk and feel heard' - Maria, 44

"Luke has become so much happier and confident since talking with you. You have been helping him to accept and embrace his differences and be happy with who he is." - David 


"When our daughter was suffering from severe social and academic anxiety issues, Kate's counselling helped her to understand and cope with her emotions. With Kate's support our daughter has become much more confident, relaxed and independent. It's such a relief to see her making friends with her schoolmates and enjoying her studies. Thank you, Kate!" - Chris



** names have been anonymized for client confidentiality. Consent has been given to publish.